Cinematography – A Faith/Dogen scene.

One of the more emotional scenes in Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst where Faith (Faye Kingslee) confronts Dogen (Tim Kang).

This was one of the few locations in the game where we in the cinematic team could design the space and lighting as we wanted. Most locations were In Game which meant we were under the laws of other design departments.
It was an awesome experience working as the Director of Photography on this title.



These are a couple of  comments from the Tube that warms my heart:


“This scene has great cinematography. Great acting and powerful emotions too, of course, but here’s a lot of little details really well done in the framing”, The Fabs


“This cinematic is so powerful it kinda got to me”, Manuel Munoz


“Anybody else kinda sobbed during this scene? Gives me chills man.”, sonyviva308

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